Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Greetings everyone! This is just a brief update on the recent introduction of the Blood Nutrition Software (BNS) here in the office. If you've wondered what my previous references to "Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis" (FBCA) meant specifically, simply stated there are two main types of ranges today in the field of blood chemistry analysis: the laboratory range, which is synonomous with pathological range and is generally used to diagnose disease, and the functional range, which is used to assess risk for disease prior to the development of disease. The major distinction between the two ranges can generally be described by the functional ranges being more "tightly" bound ...i.e., they are narrower in their scope and therefore less tolerant of deviations that occur for any particular parameter being measured. "Blood Nutrition" then is an innovative, science-guided look at nutritional strengths and weaknesses through individual blood analysis. This new scientific approach can offer a clearly delineated plan to facilitate your ability to experience OPTIMUM HEALTH.

For instance, if you look at a typical laboratory reference range for serum glucose levels, the range may be 65-110 mg/dl, which quite frankly is far too broad to accurately define HEALTH of an individual, whereas the functional range for serum glucose has a general consensus of 85-100 mg/dl. What one quickly discerns from the variance between these two ranges for the same blood marker is that if you want to evaluate how effectively your physiological processes are at their current regulation and management of your serum glucose levels, what is most desireable from a functional perspective is for your value to be in that "sweet spot", ideally midway between 85 and 100. Any significant departure from this range is most certainly an indication of the early stages of compromised function within your body. You then are usually aware of this dysregulation because it generally manifests as some sort of symptomatic expression with the net result of you seeking medical evaluation to determine why you are feeling poorly.

What the Blood Nutrition Software does is it generates a report that is 100% dictated by a detailed analysis of YOUR unique blood chemistry. The BNS has the capability to analyze 127 blood chemistry markers. The software analyzes the information by identifying patterns that should be addressed nutritionally. It does not analyze blood work based on singular markers. The markers are analyzed based on patterns that have been compiled by Dr. Datis Kharrazian's years of research and investigation into FBCA. Scientific references are provided in the software that give incontrovertible evidence based upon the enormity of today's body of clinical research, as well as customized food charts that support the nutritional deficiencies that were identified based upon the analysis of your lab report. Furthermore, the software recommends specific products that are formulated, manufactured, and distributed by Apex Energetics that have been specifically formulated to address the nutritional deficiencies that have been identified. Finally, the software can be used to establish a baseline of bio-markers to track patient health and nutritional needs both immediately as well as those supplements that are required for longer periods of time.

The cornerstone of an effective health strategy is a nutritional and lifestyle plan that is based upon YOUR biochemistry. Thus, strategies inclusive of lifestyle changes and dietary modifications in conjunction with nutritional supplemental recommendations are employed so that you can regain control of your health in a genuine holistic way, thereby embracing the principles of truly practicing "preventative" health care as you wend your way through the years that God has blessed you with on this planet. As Dr. Kharrazian states in his FBCA manual, "If biomarkers can be managed before they fall within the pathological range, preventive medicine can be practiced."

I trust this information is helpful in your development of a keener understanding of how you can take control of your health care, and not become a victim of disease management.

Peace to all.

Dr. Theodore Bloukos

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